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User story: the pensioner and her sports


The bus goes once in the morning and once in the evening, winding its way through the country lanes to the local market town. From there, you walk across the square, past the War Memorial, and pick up the connecting bus for another hour’s journey to the nearest city. Most of the passengers travel on […]

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User story: the tale of two messages

Pink iPhone 5c, white iPhone 5s

The phone, a silver white iPhone 5S, was pressed to his lips, the earpiece covering his mouth. The eyes above it darted left and right, then quickly down to the screen of the phone as he took it away from his face and glanced at in his lap. Just as rapidly, he brought the phone […]

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Whispering to the future – a tale of navigating with Google Now

Okay Google Now - Hi Marek

“Okay Google Now,” I whispered. Nothing. The device stayed silent. I looked up the street to check whether I was still out of earshot of the lady and child I’d noticed earlier. “Okay Google Now,” I tried again, a little louder, but acutely aware how odd I’d look if they overheard me. I’d slowed my […]

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Discussing Smart Design’s the ‘Internet of Why?’

Goodnight Lamp

The internet of things, ubiquitous computing, wearables and context-awareness are just a few of the monikers being applied to the frontier where digital endeavour meets the physical world. Smart Design coined another term at its October 2014 event in London: the ‘Internet of Why?’. It feels closer than most to accurately describing the way connectivity, […]

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User story: all aboard and calling at two screens

All aboard and calling at two screens

I’d guess she joined the train at the start of the line, Brighton, a coastal town about 50 miles south of London. By the time it reached East Croydon, a commuter gateway 10 miles out from the capital, her stuff was everywhere. The shared table in front of her was covered in an empty sandwich […]

October 20, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Capital One banking on Adaptive Path’s experience

Capital One Adaptive Path acquisition

Capital One‘s acquisition of user experience agency Adaptive Path is indicative of the degree to which the financial services industry sees digital strategy as a competitive differentiator. Reading between the lines, that is the goal of this acquisition: to buy a user-centred design agency and transform it into an in-house team capable of creating unique […]

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User story: Slide. To. Unlock?

Slide to unlock?

The family was sitting in the dimly lit dining room of a rural pub. Phones had been noticeably absent during a weekend of walking, biking and hearty dinners inspired by the arrival of autumn. However, the party was preparing to disband and car journeys home were looming, so phones were produced and the question of […]

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User story: the lady and the feather

Victoria line seat on the London Underground

She seemed surrounded by a bubble of quiet calm. All around her the frantic motions of a London Underground carriage jolted to and fro, but time slowed as it passed through her small part of it. A paper journal was open on her knees, wrapped in a brown suede cover, with heavy cream pages. In […]

October 10, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

Function over fiction in Apple’s iPhone advertisements

Function over fiction in Apple's iPhone advertisements

Apple’s iPhone advertisements have maintained consistent characteristics since launch: let the product speak for itself and build the message around what it can do for users’ lives. This approach has always resonated with me. I find myself instinctively switching off to advertising which tries to over-stylise or sell a misguided dream. My preference is for […]

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User story: recovery truck guy

User story: recovery truck guy

“Love it!” He said it emphatically, telling me he’d been twelve years in the job and still every day was different. “I get to see a lot of Norfolk.” I asked him which piece of technology he’d never give up, pointing to a dashboard which played host to a TomTom GPS, a three year old, […]

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