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The tactile and audible experience of BMW’s i3

“You can hear the faintest murmur of wheel bearings and axles whirr, of suspension heaving, of wind rustling, of tyres swishing – first with slush under the wheels and then later you can hear that it’s just water. Occasionally you can hear the wipers quietly ‘wup’, and the indicators softly ‘plick-plick’. You can hear the […]

August 20, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Effective cross-modal input pairings

Cross-modal input thrives when discrete and continuous modes are paired. For instance, precise touchscreen input and the analogue feel of accelerometer-controlled tilt motion. Some pairings are more obvious than others – focus on what seems natural in context. “Don’t do it just because you can.” – Ken Willes, Director of Creative Services, Ideum, speaking at […]

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The ugly experience of smartwatches

The ugly experience of smartwatches.  Image source:

Smartwatches and other wrist wearables have been prominent at this year’s CES, the consumer electronics show which provides an early look at annual product trends. Surely if everyone is announcing products in a new category, it must be on the cusp of mass market adoption, right? I disagree and think this is a classic case […]

January 9, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 15 comments

Enabling new Apple product categories with new interaction methods

Apple bought PrimeSense, a company which specialises in the spatial sensing technology used in products like Xbox Kinect. History, of course, can be a fickle guide to the future, but in light of this purchase it is worth noting Apple’s two most significant new product categories – the Mac and the iPhone – owe their […]

November 25, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 2 comments

Exploring quiet design, sensory interfaces and human factors at Made in Brunel

Made in Brunel and MEX workshops at the Bargehouse, London

Last weekend the MEX collaboration with Brunel University saw us experimenting with a new type of open workshop at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank. It was hosted as part of Made in Brunel, the multi-day event organised annually by students to showcase their projects and develop links with industry. You can read all about the […]

June 18, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

15th June 2013: join MEX & Made in Brunel creative sessions in London

Brunel designers at MEX in March 2013

On Saturday, 15th June, we’re running a series of 90 minute creative exercises at Made In Brunel, where participants can explore 3 themes inspired by MEX Pathways and Brunel’s designers: Quiet design: digital interactions which await users’ response, not demand their attention Form factor innovation: inspiring new digital experiences outside touchscreen slates Sensory interactions: using […]

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Summary of the 12th MEX: sensory interfaces, context aware UX, new form factors & better user research


By Marek Pawlowski Mobile as the new old For me, this was the first MEX where ‘mobile’ – understood as a device alone – started to feel traditional and old. From the outset in 2005, the heart of the MEX community has always been in the mobile technology industry, but it feels like we’re evolving […]

March 28, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

MEX Sessions: Jason DaPonte on storytelling across multiple digital touchpoints

Summary Jason DaPonte came to MEX in December 2010 to explore the evolution of storytelling in a multi-touchpoint digital environment. In addition to leading several early MEX working sessions on this theme as part of Pathway #2, Jason formerly led editorial for the BBC’s mobile channels. He went on to found his own agency, Enter […]

March 26, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Multi-sensory UIs need multi-sensory designers

Google Field Trip

Until recently, design focus has been primarily on screen-based experiences. But there is a growing distemper with this ‘pictures under glass’ mentality. More meaningful, human interactions can be achieved when additional senses are engaged. Although the technology to enable these alternative interactions has been around for a while, they are only slowly finding their way […]

March 22, 2013 | By Andrew Muir Wood | 0 comments

MEX Sessions: Jim Kosem on audible UIs

Summary Jim Kosem’s December 2011 MEX Session looks at sensitive and challenging subject matter, discussing a digital experience project designed to help Slovenian school children learn about the history of war crimes in their country. Kosem explains how his team dealt with these sensitive issues and built a service accessible to all using basic telephony […]

March 13, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

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