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Design trends from Made In Brunel 2014

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Design trends from Made In Brunel 2014

Made In Brunel has evolved to be more than just an annual exhibition of student design projects, expanding to become a multi-day festival of ideas and networking on London’s Southbank. I visited as part of our ongoing collaboration with Brunel University and was rewarded by seeing a diverse set of project work and thought provoking talks in a well planned event space.

I bumped into Jo Barnard, the student appointed as Managing Director for Made In Brunel 2014, who explained how this year’s…


Going to Made In Brunel?

Made in Brunel 2014 Reveal from Made in Brunel on Vimeo.

Made In Brunel, the annual event organised by the graduating designers at Brunel University, is being held 12th – 15th June 2014 at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank.

I encourage the MEX community to attend each year because it is an opportunity to see new perspectives within a diverse range of design and engineering projects, spanning everything from digital experiences to healthcare products. In addition, you meet talented …


Brunel designers at MEX

MEX works with Brunel University to partner promising final year design students with professional facilitators during the MEX creative sessions. The Brunel designers work alongside the facilitators by assisting with preparation, contributing ideas to the running of the workshops and helping their teams visualise results for presentation.

“I am consistently impressed by the abilities and efforts of the Brunel design teams at MEX. They add an extra dimension to the creative sessions by introd…

Exploring quiet design, sensory interfaces and human factors at Made in Brunel

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Exploring quiet design, sensory interfaces and human factors at Made in Brunel

Last weekend the MEX collaboration with Brunel University saw us experimenting with a new type of open workshop at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank. It was hosted as part of Made in Brunel, the multi-day event organised annually by students to showcase their projects and develop links with industry.

You can read all about the results of these workshops below, but first some background on Made in Brunel and the winners of the Brunel human-centred design award MEX supported.



15th June 2013: join MEX & Made in Brunel creative sessions in London

On Saturday, 15th June, we’re running a series of 90 minute creative exercises at Made In Brunel, where participants can explore 3 themes inspired by MEX Pathways and Brunel’s designers:

  1. Quiet design: digital interactions which await users’ response, not demand their attention
  2. Form factor innovation: inspiring new digital experiences outside touchscreen slates
  3. Sensory interactions: using sound and tactility to communicate emotion in digital exeriences

Each session includes a h…


MEX & Brunel University working together

We’re delighted to be growing the partnership with Brunel this year, with a team of Brunel’s final year design students helping to research and respond to MEX Pathway themes. A larger group will also attend the MEX event in March to assist with design facilitation. MEX and Brunel University have been working together for several years to involve design students in the MEX initiative. Heather Park of the Made In Brunel team has written this article explaining the work.


The sound of photos

Following up on the recent essay on ‘Sensation‘, MEX alumnus Ben King shared this article on ‘Picle‘, an iOS application which records a short sound clip to augment and enhance photo memories. Picles are replayed by combining the onscreen image with the evocative sound recorded when it was taken.

Picles from around the world from Made By Many on Vimeo.

At first glance, the concept sounds like a restrictive form of video, but in use, Picle manages to achieve the feeling of a new medium…


Designing across touchpoints

Ben Clarke, one of the Brunel designers participating at the next MEX, sent in a link to this Avi Itzkovitch’s UX Magazine article entitled ‘Designing for Context: The Multiscreen Ecosystem’.

“…smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs provide different services in different contexts. These services are consumed by a variety of users and require different interaction models, use cases, and planning. For this reason, UX professionals should first design for the context of use in or…


High fidelity gestural interface

Reuben Kettle Aiers, one of the Brunel designers participating at the next MEX, shared this video of Leap, a forthcoming gestural interface which raises input fidelity beyond today’s game consoles.

The ability to sense motion with higher fidelity raises new usage possibilities. The sketching application shown in the video is one example, but others might include applications specific to certain verticals, such as exploring medical images, controlling production robots or – given its c…


Horizon Digital Brand Jam @ Brunel

Our friends at Brunel University are hosting a one day exploration of brands and brand engagement within the digital economy, funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute. It is on Tuesday, 28th February 2012. To confirm your interest, email with your name, organisation and contact details or visit their blog.

MEX and Brunel have been working together for some years to build links between student designers and the international MEX community of user exper…