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MEX Sessions


MEX Sessions: Jim Kosem on audible UIs

Jim Kosem’s December 2011 MEX Session looks at sensitive and challenging subject matter, discussing a digital experience project designed to help Slovenian school children learn about the history of war crimes in their country. Kosem explains how his team dealt with these sensitive issues and built a service accessible to all using basic telephony and audible interactions, allowing the technology to fade into the background. It is a lesson in how non-visual UIs can focus participants on…


MEX Sessions: Jason Mills on the UX of digital journalism

Jason Mills came to MEX in December 2011 to discuss how mobile technology is shaping journalism. As the editor of web development for ITV News, Jason has seen first hand how new digital experiences are enabling his team to report in the field, and the user experience challenges they face. His session examines these factors and explores how technology might enable new forms in journalism.


MEX Sessions: Peter Whale on principles of context aware UX

Peter Whale came to MEX in September 2012 with a deep understanding of the technology enablers for creating context aware experiences, but his talk also focused on translating these possibilities into 4 very human design principles. Building on knowledge gained leading product management at Qualcomm, Peter’s talk examines how sensors, chips and software is enabling more personal and responsive computing.


MEX Sessions: Charlotte Magnusson on audible and haptic UIs

Charlotte Magnusson has been studying the use of touch, gestures and sound in digital interfaces since 2000, most recently as Associate Professor at the Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. Her MEX session in September 2012 shares the results of a European research project, HaptiMap, providing case study examples of using sound and haptics in mobile mapping applications.


MEX Sessions: Sabrina Majeed on context aware UX

Sabrina Majeed came to MEX in September 2012 to share practical lessons for building context aware digital experiences. Using knowledge acquired during her time working on social TV start-up Miso, Majeed’s session explores different methods of understanding user context and, crucially, how to build a user experience which succeeds even when very little is known about user behaviour. She describes her principles of building context aware experiences which gradually enhance, rather than t…


MEX Sessions: Priya Prakash on quiet design

Priya Prakash returned to MEX in December 2011 as Head of UX for mobile phones at Nokia. Building on a previous MEX session some years earlier, she talked about the principles of quiet design and how digital experiences might evolve in a world filled with an increasing volume of interaction noise.


MEX Sessions: Ramona Liberoff on identity across digital touchpoints

Ramona Liberoff’s May 2011 MEX Session explores the meaning of identity in a world of multi-platform experiences, where service interactions occur across a wide range of digital touchpoints and individuals are no longer tied to single devices. At the time she was Executive Vice President of Marketing for Movirtu, winner of the 2011 MEX Innovator of the Year Award.