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MEX Sessions: Isobel Demangeat on the UX of augmented reality


Isobel Demangeat spoke at MEX in December 2011 on the nuances of short-range mobile interactions through augmented reality. Her in-depth talk shares the results of ongoing studies at Qualcomm’s labs in Cambridge, UK, bringing a much needed user-centred design perspective to the hype around AR.

The next MEX is in London on 26th – 27th March 2013.

30 MEX Sessions in 30 days

This video is published as part of the special ‘30 MEX Sessions in 30 days‘ series, where we are sharing a new MEX video every day every weekday at 08:00 London time in the build up to the next MEX in London.

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Special offer on MEX tickets

We also have a very special offer: buy your ticket for the next MEX event in London before 28th February 2013 and you’ll receive a VIP pass to access every MEX Session video from the last 7 events, more than 70 in total, right back to May 2009.

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25 February 2013
MEX Sessions
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