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Awards Entry: DialPlus – Making a Phone Call Just Got Smarter

DialPlus enhances all stages of the communication experience by automatically and simultaneously providing aggregated, contextually relevant web content called SmartResults™, about the called or calling party before the call is answered, during the call and after the call is over. From deciding when and how to communicate with someone, whether to answer an incoming call, during the call and after the call is over, DialPlus helps you achieve your communication objectives faster and build deeper connections with your contacts. DialPlus enables easy mobile social networking with friends, as well as the ability to get information about a business they’re speaking with, such as directions, menus and reviews.

The in-call and post-call SmartResults are aggregated web info from best-in-class sources, as well as local (on-device) contextual information such as location, presence and calendar status, presented in just the right way, uniquely suiting both the capabilities of your phone screen size, and your communication objectives. For instance, when you call a restaurant, all of the information you want is instantly at your fingertips: location & directions, hours of operation, menu, reservations, payment forms accepted and much more. And if you call a friend, all of the latest information from all of their social networks is displayed. SmartResults can also be viewed on-demand, directly from the dialer, recent or missed calls, and even through your address book, allowing for easy lookup of info without making the call.

Smart Caller-ID is another primary feature of DialPlus. For incoming calls from people you know and are connected to through your social networks, the standard caller-id screen is updated with picture, status and location. The same experience is available to incoming calls from businesses. When you receive a phone call from a number that you don’t recognize through your address book, DialPlus will present you the name, and if applicable the address map and picture for that phone number.

Check out the ‘PDF’ and ‘Video’ links below to see how this works. The PDF is an overview of DialPlus and the YouTube video is a real life scenario of how DialPlus works. However the video is not up to date with the most recent UI and caller ID screens.

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