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Mobile user experience trends on the horizon – the little essay making a big difference

I wrote an essay last week for User Experience Magazine, entitled ‘Mobile user experience trends on the horizon‘. It explores several issues close my heart, including a number of those featured in our 6 MEX Pathways.

The response has been overwhelming. The article was read more than 40,000 times in the first 5 days and has been linked and tweeted so many times it’s become impossible for me to thank everyone personally for their support, despite my best efforts to do so!

This reaction highlights the thirst for knowledge of mobile user experience issues, driven by a realisation mobile devices and wireless networks are now an expectation rather than a privilege in majority of digital experiences. It feels like a significant turning point in a personal advocacy which began in 1995, accelerated with the foundation of MEX in 2004 and is continuing today.

The discussion of the issues raised in the essay continues at MEX next week on 30 Nov – 01 Dec 2010, where 100 of the leading minds from across mobile, media and design, come together for 2 days of expert presentations and in-depth working groups on the Pathways.

I’m looking forward to working with many of you at the event (there’s still time to buy a ticket) and will be fascinated to see what new ideas we can create together to progress the MEX Pathways.

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23 November 2010
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