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Understanding Google’s material design

Understand Google's material design and Matias Duarte's vision

Strip away the hyperbole and two basic principles underpin Google’s material design: On-screen elements adhere to consistent physics Physics may be expressed through a Z axis of depth, as well as the traditional X and Y axis It is important to separate these principles from the first results of their implementation in Android L. As […]

June 29, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Recognising a moment of mobile progress

Google IO keynote livestreamed to the Blackberry 10 browser

Yesterday I was able to watch a live stream of Google’s IO keynote from San Francisco on a Blackberry Q10 travelling at up to 70 mph as a passenger in a moving car through the rural East of England. It represented one of those watershed moments which made me realise how far mobile technology has […]

June 26, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Local Lego answers creative industry challenges

Using Lego for serious play in Patrizia Bertini's workshop at Foolproof, organised by Hot Source Norwich

Improvement requires change, whether that happens gradually through iteration or in big leaps through sudden sparks of creativity. This is true of improving anything, from companies to individual products. It’s something I think about a lot in the context of the MEX initiative, which is, at its heart, about helping people to improve digital experiences. […]

June 12, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Retro trend calls out poor voice experience

Blackberry Bold 9900 re-released 3 years on

Blackberry has announced the re-availability of the Bold 9900, a 3 year old, USD 449 device running the previous generation of Blackberry software, but renowned for its battery life, voice call quality and keyboard. Meanwhile, there are a growing number of online retailers specialising in so-called ‘retro’ phones, from the utilitarian Ericsson T28 flip phone […]

June 11, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

A switch too far

…I had to constantly switch between two completely different UIs, two completely different user experiences. I had to go through a mental context switch… — Taylor Martin, Pocketnow Taylor Martin of Pocketnow describes the counter-intuitive user experience of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, which continues to split between applications designed for touch and those designed for […]

June 9, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Going to Made In Brunel?

Made in Brunel 2014 Reveal from Made in Brunel on Vimeo. Made In Brunel, the annual event organised by the graduating designers at Brunel University, is being held 12th – 15th June 2014 at the Bargehouse on London’s Southbank. I encourage the MEX community to attend each year because it is an opportunity to see […]

June 5, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Preserving the medium and message of digital artefacts

CompuServe on Windows 3.1, circa 1994 (Image credit: Business Insider)

In 100 years time, will it be important for your descendants to be able to look back at the digital artefacts from your life in the same form you experienced them? For instance, today I could look back at a letter written by my great, great grandparent and experience both the message (i.e. the content) […]

June 3, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

New communication filters

Twitter is planning to replicate parts of its India election strategy across countries that go to polls this year, after it emerged as a key tool for politicians and media companies during the world’s largest democratic exercise…the company has started looking for partners to replicate their ‘Tweet To Remember’ feature used in India, which enables […]

June 2, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

Effective cross-modal input pairings

Cross-modal input thrives when discrete and continuous modes are paired. For instance, precise touchscreen input and the analogue feel of accelerometer-controlled tilt motion. Some pairings are more obvious than others – focus on what seems natural in context. “Don’t do it just because you can.” – Ken Willes, Director of Creative Services, Ideum, speaking at […]

May 30, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Trusting the digital filters in front of our eyes

We do not see what we see, we see who we are. Seeing is never a passive act, the mind introduces filters which alter our perception. Perhaps fear of surveillance will give way to a recognition computers are more objective than humans? — Floris Van Eck, Services Valley, Canon’s innovation project, speaking at MEX14 As […]

May 29, 2014 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

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