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Design Talk 28. Roger Andersson Reimer, co-founder, TOPP; multi-touchpoint design

Roger Andersson Reimer, co-founder and UX Director of Swedish design agency TOPP, talks to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about multi-touchpoint experience design. The discussion includes TOPP’s emergence from the history of TAT and Blackberry, their work on wearables for Samsung and Pins Collective, design tools for next generation distributed experiences and the roots of Roger’s design education.

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Why are these mobile interactions from Apple, Blackberry, Nokia & Huawei memorable?

Small moments of interaction design have disproportionate power to define the overall user experience.

Consider pinch to zoom. There was a time when it was novel, now it is innate. The speed at which it has become part of human behaviour tells us, with the benefit of hindsight, how effective it was in channelling latent paths of acceptance within the brain.

By looking at other examples – from the likes of Apple, Blackberry, Nokia and Huawei – we may discern the common characteristics wh…

User story: Hello Grandma!

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User story: Hello Grandma!

The waterside has a magnetic draw. It pulls people down to the quay: young and old, tourists and locals alike. By 7am on a warm Saturday morning in July you will already encounter a diverse cast of characters. There are the dog walkers, of course, offering a quick ‘good morning’, and children on holiday, eager to try their hand at crabbing before breakfast and shrieking with a mixture of terror and delight as they pull clawed sea monsters from the shallow water.

They are joined by retir…