3 new multi-platform challenges for MEX

Some of the brightest minds and deepest thinkers from across mobile, digital and media come together next week to address 3 user experience challenges at the MEX Conference.

Over 2 days in London, 6 teams take on the 3 challenges, working together to develop new user experience concepts for multi-platform environments. The key theme is looking at the role of mobile and wireless in enabling applications and services across phones, interactive TV, PCs and smart appliances. The scenarios include:

  1. Living life in the kitchen
  2. Driving in the car
  3. Commuting and on the move

A MEX breakout group in action

Each team is led by a MEX-appointed facilitation expert, who guides the groups during 4 x 1 hour working sessions. Teams work in their own, individually-designed rooms at the Wallacespace venue. In addition to a wide range of creative materials to stimulate new ideas, each team also has a dedicated ‘illustrator-in-residence’ to help them visualise their concept. The illustrators are design students from Brunel University and join MEX as part of our ongoing partnership with leading academic institutions.

These carefully curated group challenges are a key feature of each MEX Conference, helping to harness the combined intellectual power of the 100 user experience pioneers who attend the event. Each challenge is researched and prepared by the MEX research directors, Marek Pawlowski and Norbert Metzner, based on the 14 point MEX Manifesto.

The challenges are complimented by a full programme of expert speaking presentations, featuring a diverse range of speakers with a genuine personal passion for sharing new ideas.

The 6 teams present their designs in the final session of the MEX Conference. After the event, all of ideas and creative output is brought together in an interactive report comprising videos, presentations and visuals, which is shared with all conference participants.

The facilitation team at MEX on 2nd/3rd December includes:

  • Sofia Svanteson, CEO, Ocean Observations (Bio >>)
  • Giles Colborne, Managing Director, cxpartners (Bio >>)
  • Willem Boijens, Marketing, Innovation and Design Executive, Vodafone (Bio >>)
  • Jo Rabin, CTO, dotMobi (Bio >>)
  • Harm Willem-Hogenbirk, Managing Partner, Pilotfish (Bio >>)
  • Chris Thomason, Managing Consultant, Seren Partners (Bio >>)
  • Marek Pawlowski, Founder, MEX (Bio >>)
  • Norbert Metzner, Research Director, MEX (Bio >>)

Conference registration is priced at GBP 1499 and you can register online at http://pmn.co.uk/mex/.

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