A MEX reading list for digital user experiences

We prepared a concise reading list on digital user experience to get participants in the mood for our next MEX (24th – 25th September, London). We thought we’d share it here too for anyone with an interest in design. Something for the weekend, perhaps?

  1. User modes

    “…it wasn’t the type of device or the type of content, or even the age or experience of the user which led most reliably to accurate design requirements. Instead, it was a series of behavioural patterns, often overlapping or rapidly switched, but each sufficiently distinct to align with a unique approach to design.”

    Our essay on user modes and why they can be a source of design insight across mobiles, tablets, wearables and the myriad other form factors joining the digital world.

  2. Apple’s design history

    “The iPhone was done in these vacuums. The software and hardware teams didn’t even talk.”

    Max Chafkin’s history of Apple’s design for Fast Company, in which he interviews those involved over 20 years. It might surprise you, and is equal parts inspiration and cautionary tale of how organisational structure influences design outcomes.

  3. A world of multiple touchpoints

    “…consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions, they are learning to use these devices together to achieve their goals.”

    Google’s research study into the digital worlds of about 1600 people, which revealed how multi-touchpoint experiences have become the norm.

  4. Time and permanence

    “The abundance of photographic documentation has created its own inverse: not photographing a moment often conveys importance…”

    Nathan Jurgenson of Snapchat discusses permanence and time as dimensions of design. A piece which changed not only our view of Snapchat, but our wider view of how communication is evolving.

We are grateful to have a wonderful cast of speakers & facilitators to provoke and inspire during the 2 day agenda on 24th – 25th September in London.

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