A noisy favour for the MEX Event

Sound is something that MEX have been thinking about for a while and from recent conversations with a number of different device manufacturers, we’re aware that it is a complex topic that continues to challenge interaction designers.

To help with the Pathway #9 breakout session and our exploration into sound, I have a favour to ask:

Could you describe or, even better, record and send me meaningful sounds from your lives? I am thinking of sounds that remind you of a particular place or moment. It could be either a positive (the familiar sound of the ice cream van when you were a kid) or a negative (who else lives under the Heathrow flightpath!) meaning. If you could send your sounds or descriptions to me at amw@pmn.co.uk or tweet @muirface, that would be a massive help.

Well applied, sound can enhance the user experience, but it can very easily become annoying or repetitive. Different people and cultures have different tastes and understanding of sounds. New interfaces and technologies keep presenting new scenarios so it is difficult to establish fixed rules for designing the audio component of interaction.

We are addressing this evolving topic at the upcoming MEX Event on the 4th and 5th of May 2011 with a couple of great speakers: Peter “pdx” Drescher of the Twittering Machine and Ed Maklouf of Siine who have years of sound-related experience between them. In addition, I will be leading the breakout workshop on the audible dimension in the mobile user experience.

We look forward to hearing from your world!

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