Alloy, Digital Airways in UI partnership

Industrial design consultancy Alloy is working in partnership with UI platform provider Digital Airways to develop interfaces for its concept products. Alloy takes a customer-led approach to product design, involving real users in the design process for an early stage.

It will use Digital Airway’s Kaleido UI solution to prototype menu structures and visual elements in real-time, allowing the interface to evolve in tandem with the product design.

Alloy compares this approach the automotive industry where ‘design for manufacture’ processes have revolutionised the way in which vehicles move from the drawing board to the production line.

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    Andreas Constantinou

    Alloy has developed a UI for a phone with dual internal LCD, the second of which is used as a touchscreen keypad. DAW’s Kaleido is used to implement the UI design on the phone. An image of the UI in a simulated handset appears in ARCchart’s report ‘The New Age of Handset Customisation: 2006-2011’.


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