Andrew Muir Wood joins the MEX team

Andrew Muir Wood, Researcher, MEXWe’re delighted to welcome a new member of the MEX team this week. Andrew Muir Wood is joining as a Researcher and you’ll soon be seeing his ideas in the MEX Newsletter and on the MEX Blog.

Andrew is particularly interested in how technology and engineering processes intersect with the human aspects of design. He brings a new perspective to MEX from his academic background within the Design Management group at Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing.

If you’d like to welcome Andrew to the MEX community or share ideas on these issues, you can reach him as @muirface on Twitter or at

Andrew recently submitted his PhD at the University of Cambridge, exploring the nature of change in product design. His thesis draws together perspectives from fashion and technology to understand the patterns and drivers of change in the design of consumer products.

This includes an extensive study of mobile device form factor evolution, a topic he will also be addressing in a presentation at the next MEX on 30 Nov – 01 Dec in London.

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