Android Beam – an inelegant interaction?

The video above (from an article by This Is My Next) shows Android’s new Beam feature. It uses NFC to transfer information between two devices, allowing users to exchange maps, web pages, contacts and more.

This is a much hyped use case for NFC, but look closely at the video: does that feel like a natural interaction? It is fast and it works first time, but think about the physical aspects of that experience and how the users need to position their hands to make it happen. I think this is an example of a technology taking precedence over design.

Pathway #11 at the next MEX (London, 30th November – 1st December 2011) will explore the anatomy of super local interactions, which occur within the users’ reachable radius, and create new ideas for how experiences like these could be improved. Several speakers will address the Pathway in their presentations and the working sessions will be led by Andrew Muir Wood, user experience planner at Plan Strategic and MEX alumnus.

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