Awards Entry: Adaptxt Intelligent Input with PIM & Facebook integration

The Adaptxt SmartDictionary stores words and context. Using language intelligence, it predicts entire words in advance. Over a short time period (e.g. 20 messages), accuracy improves so users can select words and type less.

Today’s mobile dictionaries are static but they should be dynamic. To provide relevant suggestions to the user, the smartphone dictionary needs to learn and maintain an up to date snapshot of a user’s vocabulary and context. This is why Adaptxt extracts language intelligence in real-time from inbound communications (the mobile inbox) and outbound communications (what the user writes).

KPT’s view is the activity of text input on a device means the user handles 2 tasks mentally: thinking about the content of the message and physically inputting the message. The latter is a task because of the limitations of a mobile keyboard (whatever the form factor and input method). KPT’s Adaptxt software is designed to intelligently assist the input process so the user can focus on the message content and not be restricted by the mobile form factor.

By extracting language intelligence from a user’s communications whether they are stored on the device or on a social network like Facebook, intelligent language assistance from Adaptxt can make text entry a personal, relevant and rewarding experience.


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