Awards Entry: ArrivedOK — Your Personal Flight Arrival Tracker

Traveling by air is fraught with uncertainties, from delays to cancellations to lost bags. 
The unique feature of ArrivedOK is that it alerts about one’s actual landing instead of flight status in general, so one’s friends and family are 100 percent sure the person is landed fine. Unlike other flight status services, which are based on general flight data from dispatcher centers, ArrivedOK rely on particular subscriber’s mobile phone status. It really tracks one’s actual appearance in the destination airport.

Оnly general web skills are needed to use the service; no hassle with WAP connections anywhere in the world, mobile applications with thumbnail-sized GUI, or sending complicated SMS commands. In fact, once a user set up her arrival data she doesn’t have to do anything else at all – the rest of the process is fully automatic, including the handling of late/early arrivals.


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