Awards Entry: Azinfo by CellSoul

Our application envisages 3 different methods to use cellular phones for accessing these location-based prayer timings:

1. Stand-alone Solution, whereby handset is equipped with location-determining-element like GPS, etc. The algorithm, to calculate Azaan-timings, also resides on the handset, and announcement /notification is made as per user preferences. This application is ready for Windows Mobile & J2ME while Symbian C++ version may also be prepared with minimal efforts. However, this application addresses a small market segment I-e. �Muslim worshipers who have GPS-capable handsets�

2. On-demand service or browser-based solution , whereby client/user-agent invokes web-browser to visit a wml/xhtml site to PULL information (to request prayer-timings). The sever-side, back-end program checks requesting handset’s Cell-ID/GPS parameters and consults relevant look-up tables, or calculates local Azaan-timings to display at the client-handset. The traffic uses WAP-Gateway. A J2ME program has been written which extracts handset’s Cell-ID or GPS co-ordinates, and invokes web-browser, after embedding location-parameters into URL. The server –side code has been written in xhtml-css-php-sql-javascript. Again the addressed market segment is small: â€?Muslim worshippers, who use cellphones to browse internetâ€?

3. Subscribed Notification Service, whereby Web-based Application server keeps track of subscriber’s Cell-ID, and PUSHes Azaan-info to subscriber’s handset, at local prayer-times. This traffic uses Push-Proxy-Gateway, and the handset is required to be MIDP 2.0 compatible to support push-mechanism. Some architectural work has been done for this embodiment but no code has been written because it requires full integration with operator’s network. Still, this embodiment is expected to be most successful as it realizes the full potential of the innovation. Here the market segment is significant in size: â€?Muslim worshipper who have cellphonesâ€?. This embodiment is illustrated in the next slide.


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