Awards Entry: BabyCenter goes Mobile!

Using a state-of-the-art user friendly graphic interface, the BabyCenter campaign integrates different advertising formats (online and mobile website, mobile alerts, sponsored content, promotional text messages, sweepstakes), a mobile club creating a community of pregnant women and new mothers, and leverages web and mobile applications to maximize traffic and effectiveness. In order to meet the various needs of U.S. Latina moms, the campaign included:

> Multiple means to register: website, SMS, voice
> Multiple languages: BabyCenter English and Spanish
> Multiple ways to access information: website, SMS, voice. Text for all alerts and mobile web for deeper learning (you can even see the baby’s development)
> Multiple levels of engagement: sign up for alerts or browse the web on your phone for pregnancy tips or an ovulation calculator

The BabyCenter solution includes the following four activities: (1) A mobile wap site in Spanish, which extends the web experience to those ‘on the go.’ The BabyCenter Wap Site was designed to address the mostly likely questions and issues when users are not at home: Name finder, Baby development guide, Is it safe?, Is it normal?, Shopping guide, Newborn Guide, and a Sleep Guide. (2) Sponsored Alerts and Tips – for pregnant women or mothers with babies up to 3 months old, providing timely reminders for things such as immunizations. (3) A Mobile Club – creating a community of pregnant women and new mothers. Club members are notified of special offers and promotions from major brands, including Johnson and Johnson, General Motors Corp., JC Penney, Nestle, State Farm, Unilever, and others, all major advertisers in the Hispanic market. (4) A Web-based Sweepstake Contest – promoting the new wap site and the BabyCenter alerts and tips service.

The campaign successfully created a mobile community where Mothers-to-be and new mothers were able to network socially and share personal experiences, while receiving tips on new and current products that meet their interests: 93% of users that registered for the mobile club remain registered. BabyCenter also provided users with a desired means of learning about new products: 43% of BabyCenter subscribers registered for mobile alerts, 94% of users that registered for alerts remain registered, and the Alerts average growth per month was 263%. The campaign also helped identify the type of mobile content mom’s desire: Mobile coupons and other discounts: 56%, Personalized information: 46%, Games: 29%, and Sweepstakes and contests: 26%.


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