Awards Entry: Didiom – Just Stream It

Didiom is the world’s first handset application to combine mobile music placeshifting and an over-the-air music download service. Didiom’s software-based placeshifting service allows users to access their own computer-based music libraries remotely, and stream tracks over high-speed wireless data networks directly to their phone.

In addition to streaming music from computers to phones, the all-in-one Didiom application features new ways to interact with music. With over 1.5 million DRM-free tracks under management, Didiom allows users shop for music whenever they want, directly from their phone. Users can download music to their mobile, PC or both. There are never any membership or service fees. Users only pay for the music they download through Didiom’s secure, credit card service. By implementing an adaptive bargaining technology, Didiom also allows users to name their own price for MP3 songs.


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