Awards Entry: Digitag

Digitag is a concept based on technology that will emerge in five to ten years from now. It’s a completely new way for users to view mobile phones and the data they carry. Digitag mobile phones have a unique product identification code and it is encrypted and contains the user’s biometric data in the form of a thumb print and can also include facial and voice recognition if required. Digitag is encrypted using quantum encryption, making it impossible to hack. The Digitag phone system looks at how buying multiple phones under the same contract can help simplify the users mobile phone experience in the family household.

The Digitag phones are intended to be bought in packs of up to five and used in a family household. The handsets rely on VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, communication via ‘cloud networking’ and they can be used as home or mobile devices. The phones are unique because they include a biometric thumb print scanner and allow anyone within the household to access their secure profile through any handset. Phones are interchangeable between family members, and everyone’s profile preferences, messages and media are stored on the communal charging and synchronisation unit, the Digitag Hub. If a handset is lost or stolen the data within is encrypted and the user can simply upload their profile and preferences onto a spare or new handset.

The Digitag phone system simplifies mobile phone payment and use, and eliminates the inconvenience of loss or theft, allowing families to easily keep the data that they value safe.


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