Awards Entry: Mobile Apps Player

> Made-for-mobile media experience:
The “Mobile Apps Player” aims to offer the ultimate mobile media experience through Apps designed to be used on a large selection of mobile phones in every situation.

> Intuitive and fluid exploration:
both in the Applications Carrousel and inside the Applications, the exploration of content and services is designed to be as intuitive as possible for any user that is not a regular WAP visitor. Through optimisation of loading and refresh times as well as online and offline navigation, the Player offers quick and fluid exploration.

> Personalised exploration:
the Applications selection and order in the carrousel can be customised by the Player distributor (handset manufacturer, media company, operator etc …), and later by the user for a fully personalised experience.

> Large selection of content and services:
Mobiles Republic provides a starting set of over 30 Applications and the portfolio grows every week. The content and services range from information (weather, RSS feeds, traffic information…) to infotainment and entertainment and is provided by major Triple A brands.

> ‘Reach experience’:
the Mobile Apps Player targets the mass-market and enables a true mass-media approach. Developed in Java, the Player runs on the largest range of recent mobile handsets, and not only on a few most advanced high-range ones.

> Blended advertising:
any mass-media needs adapted advertising that is both efficient and non-intrusive. This is what Mobiles Republic’s Player brings in for the mobile media with adapted formats such as interstitials and banners that are automatically extended on full mobile-screen when the users roll over them.


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