Awards Entry: Mobile Zakat Fitrah

Zakat Fitrah is alms given to the poor and needy, at the end of the fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan. It is obligatory on the head of the family to give Zakat Fitrah of all persons (including servants of both sexes of any cast or creed) that take food in his house.

Zakat Fitrah is part of the 5 pillars (core beliefs) in Islam. It is compulsory on those who can afford it, and it is a sin not to give it.

Zakat Fitrah is a personal obligation with emotional attachment to each user who performs it.

In celebrative spirit of busy preparing and traveling home for the much anticipated religious festival and holiday of eid fitr at the ending of the Ramadhan month, they are reminded of their obligation for zakaat Fitrah. In this hustled and hurried time, with zakat procedure done manually at appointed collection centers, the rite may become a challenge.

Enters mobile Zakat Fitrah – an ubiquitous service, delivering a virtual rite that eases the users’ burden of manual practice.


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