Awards Entry: My World – A complete new path for social sharing and networking

This is a mobile application that has two interesting features – a touch-based 3D interface and phone-book-based social networking. The idea is to enhance the experience to navigate through a phone book. It shows more contacts at the first glance than a the usual list. The contacts in the phone book are arranged around a 3-D cylinder in several layers – each representing a social network of the user. The user can define what information can be shared with which social networks. An intuitive user interface allows user to view several options like call, message, location, email, share on just a single tap. These activities have been detailed out so:

1. Activity Sharing

Activity sharing allows users to share the current activity like meeting, party, office, vacation and many more. In a way, these are
like ‘modes’ in the current phones (general, silent etc.), but this status is shared with certain social groups. In real life, if you notice that your friend is busy in an important meeting, you avoid disturbing him. This is a way to bring in a similar behavior on the phone (which has a tendency to ring at critical times when one is seeking some privacy). This system behaves according to the activity shared by the user. For example, if user is in a meeting, system recognizes her activity and does not allow ‘merely social’ calls. As soon as user comes out of meeting mode, system sends an alert to the contact about user’s new status.

2. Location Sharing

Location sharing explores the idea of sharing real time location with contacts. It allows user to know if any friend is in her area. In addition to this, it shows permanent location of particular contact and the route between the user and contact.

3. Media Sharing

Media sharing allows user to share media contents like images, video & music with single / multiple contacts and social networks. It also includes a new feature called “my access” which helps user to navigate through other contact’s phone and add contents to user’s phone. (shared contents are defined by the user)


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