Awards Entry: SuperTV – the ideal mobile TV & VOD experience

SuperTV offers an unprecedented TV-like mobile experience designed and developed specifically based on user preferences for their ideal mobile entertainment service. Behind the aesthetic graphic interface, is a complex integration of intuitive user interface logic, content management and sophisticated exploitation of limited cellular environment to create this optimal mobile entertainment experience where, for the first time, users simply float between TV channels, virtually unlimited VOD options and music from all genres.

The interactive core of the SuperTV platform is a unique widget-based infrastructure that gives users flexible maneuvering, and the program developers the flexibility to continuously evolve the service from its core features to reflect user feedback and new market interests.

Smart program management prioritizes available entertainment according to individual users’ interests, general market popularity and commercial considerations. This intelligent system and always-on functionality, combined with the flexible widget-based structure brings the users’ entertainment of choice to their mobile phones without having to click through lengthy menus, internet surf or content search. SuperTV is simply an intuitive, faster, smoother and more appealing entertainment experience.


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