Awards Entry: Texture Messaging

Texture messaging is a cross-network, cross-platform messaging service that enhances SMS by allowing the user to attach different elements to their text message.

Using haptic technology, the user can control and manipulate the physical feedback the recipient feels when reading a message by choosing to attach and personalise five variables to their message; light, vibration, texture, motion and temperature. Each of these variables can then be manipulated in different ways including intensity, pattern and depth to communicate different emotions and to suggest and imply things about the content and tone of a message. As the user manipulates these variables they experience the subtle changes beneath their fingertips, enriching not only the message itself but also the user experience.

Texture messaging is also an inclusive service, as existing devices can be retrofitted with certain variables depending on the model. A simple software update would allow many users to attach vibrations of varying intensity and temporal patterns to their messages.


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