Awards Entry: The Introducer

The Introducer takes the pain out of introducing two people (that you know) to each other. They don’t know each other but should, and you are the one to make that happen. For example, these two folks are both interior designers, or they could both be avid runners, amateur photographers, etc. Current methods include inviting the two people to lunch or sending an email to them. There is no time for the former (or geographical distance separates them) and the latter is just so awkward, often resulting in neither of the two ‚Äúintroducees‚Ä? wanting to make the first move. So introduce them using this amazingly simple and targeted thin-sliver app right on your mobile phone, at the very moment you realize this connection needs to happen.

The Introducer is integrated with your phone’s address book so finding the people to connect is simple and followups can be tracked. If after introducing two people, no contact is initiated between the introduces (as tracked by the app), the Introducer sends a friendly reminder email a week later and every week until both parties connect or one party initiates an anonymous withdrawl.


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