Awards Entry: When I’m Mobile

The mission of When I’m Mobile is to provide a rich, productive and engaging experience for the online audience, regardless of whether they are browsing from a computer or a mobile web device; and to extend the providing organization’s image, presentation and content beyond the main website. The challenge is to work within the current limitations of mobile web devices and produce as much of the expected web experience from the main website as possible.

The When I’m Mobile website detects which type of device is being used and presents the appropriate version. A simple, clean and elegant website, tailored to the capabilities of the device, is the result. Much of the content can be updated from anywhere and does not require changes to the web pages. For example, if a band has new tour date information, authorized users can update the website directly from any computer and several mobile devices. This dramatically lowers the maintenance cycle for the site.

The When I’m Mobile strategy is applicable to any industry or business with a web presence and a goal to make information easily available to the public. Our passion for independent music, and the independent radio stations, artists, labels and other industry participants which comprise this arena, has driven us to concentrate on the music business first.


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