Brunel designers at MEX

MEX works with Brunel University to partner promising final year design students with professional facilitators during the MEX creative sessions. The Brunel designers work alongside the facilitators by assisting with preparation, contributing ideas to the running of the workshops and helping their teams visualise results for presentation.

“I am consistently impressed by the abilities and efforts of the Brunel design teams at MEX. They add an extra dimension to the creative sessions by introducing fresh ideas and helping teams distill results into meaningful presentations. It is a demanding role, with pressure to deliver complex ideas in a short amount of time. As a result, the achievements of the Brunel designers are frequently cited in the feedback we receive from our professional facilitators and participants, leading to long-standing partnerships as mentors and future employers.”
— Marek Pawlowski, Founder, MEX

Meet the full list of Brunel designers participating at the March 2014 MEX here.

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