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MWC 2013


My first Mobile World Congress

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My first Mobile World Congress

When the flight attendant requested that all electronic equipment be switched off, it was like that scene from Mad Max where Mel Gibson is asked to leave all his weapons at the door. Five minutes later, when the last OLED screen dimmed to blac…


Sensor overload

I’ve just been speaking to the guys at InvenSense about some of the sensors that they’re working on. This prototype watch makes Nike’s fuelband look like a bangle. It monitors a finer level of motion and orientation along with ambient conditions…


Pinch: a lovely little multi-device interaction

Sony’s MWC booth features a number of prize winners from their recent multi screen competition. One of my favourites was a simple gestural method of connecting multiple screens called Pinch. You just pinch the screens together, which draws a str…