CES announces Quickoffice Pro

Cutting Edge Software (CES), the Palm OS developer recently acquired by Mobility Electronics, has announced a new version of its popular office suite. Quickoffice Pro adds the ability to download and edit Powerpoint presentations on Palm OS handhelds using the Quickpoint application.

Quickoffice Pro features improved synchronisation technology, including a dedicated desktop conduit for managing file transfers between the handheld and desktop. It is fully compatible with HotSync. It can also be used in conjunction with Mobilefile, which uses a client application installed on a networked desktop PC to provide wireless access to office files from any compatible Palm OS device.

Mobility Electronics, CES’ parent company, sells the iGo accessory, enabling users to deliver Powerpoint presentations direct from their handheld. It plans to offer a bundled version of Quickoffice Pro to its customers.


Cutting Edge continues to impress by adding powerful features to its office suite but maintaining a focus on integration and usability. Its Powerpoint compatibility is better than that offered by Documents To Go, the office suite bundled free with most Palm OS handhelds. Perhaps it is time Palm and Sony reviewed their choice of office software vendor?

PMN talked about the synergies provided by CES’ merger with Mobility in the 21/08/2002 article ‘Cutting Edge acquired by Mobility Electronics‘. These are now becoming very apparent. A bundled package of presenation solution and powerful word and spreadsheet applications will hold great appeal for customers of Mobility’s retail channel.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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