Combining TV and mobile for multi-platform advertising

The Belgium subsidiary of insurance company AXA has worked with agency Duval Guillaume to create a multi-platform advertisement for AXA’s home insurance product and accompanying iPhone application.

It will be shown on television in Belgium and starts by showing a house, with a QR code prominently displayed on the door. Users hold up their iPhone to the TV screen to scan the code, which ‘unlocks’ the door and loads a video on the mobile device.

The agency describes it as an opportunity to ‘step into the advertisement’. It engages users by helping them discover the secret ending not shown on TV.

Its success is likely to be limited by the relatively low penetration and understanding of QR code readers, but the underlying concept is strong. The two screens are being used simultaneously to deliver an overall experience: the TV captures the users’ attention and the mobile provides a personal way of exploring the product in more detail.

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