Connected Creativity

Jason DaPonte of The Swarm, who is leading Pathway #2 at MEX on 4th/5th May 2011, was recently involved in the Connected Creativity showcase at MIPTV. The event brings together 12,000 entertainment industry executives in Cannes.

Highlighted in the video above, Connected Creativity provided an immersive experience at the cutting edge of mobile and communications, touching several of the Pathway topics we’ll be looking at MEX, including the user experience of multi-platform (Pathway #2), 3D (Pathway #4) and using wireless communications to build new forms of creative expression (Pathway #8). There are some useful demos and insights within the video, which could help inform the sessions on these topics.

DaPonte is a MEX speaker alumnus, giving a highly regarded opening presentation in December 2010 and leading the working sessions of Pathway #2. He returns for the 4th/5th May 2011 event to continue as facilitator for Pathway #2, building on the results achieved 6 months ago.

See Jason’s blog post for more information.

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