Creating 3D drawings with the iPhone

GD3D is an interesting experimental application for the iPhone, using a combination of multi-touch, compass, GPS and gyroscope input to create 3D drawings.

Users draw lines on the screen while at the same time moving the device through 3D space to add depth and height to their images. The drawings may then be uploaded to a gallery on the GD3D site, where they are tagged with the user’s location.

The application points to one of the main challenges with 3D and an issue we’ll be looking at the next MEX on 30 Nov – 01 Dec in London: with 3D output (i.e. screens) becoming technically possible on mobile devices, how can we create 3D input mechanisms?

This discussion will be part of MEX Pathway #4, entitled: ‘Identify ways 3D can enrich the user experience with visual depth‘.

GD3D is available in the iPhone App Store and needs an iPhone 4 or 3GS to work. It is an usual experience – try it for yourself! It was created by Martin Fuchs and published by CreativeApplications.Net, with support from Andrey Yazev, Philip Whitfield, Peter Bichsel, Luke Wroblewski and Marten Nettelbladt.

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