Customer pressure reverses Apple approach to environmental ratings

Apple has reversed its decision to abandon EPEAT ratings for its products after customer feedback highlighted how unpopular the decision was. It is an interesting example of the nascent sentiments which inspired MEX Pathway #7 on expressing sustainable values in user experience. The premise for this MEX Pathway was that an increasing number of customers want to make purchasing decisions which demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. While most industries, from automotive to fashion, have specific brands and schemes to cater to these customer needs, digital has lagged behind.

The work on the MEX Pathway to-date has split opinion between skeptics who believe price alone is the determining factor in purchasing decisions and those who recognise sustainability as a growing motivation. The Apple example adds weight to the latter, providing a high profile case study of a notoriously single minded company responding to a strong collective expression of customer sentiment.

Which companies will be smart enough to respond to customer demand in this area and start providing mobile products which allow customers to truly express their desire for a more sustainable life?

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