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This session consisted of a series of presentations which gave a crash course on the issues involved in creating an MVNO.

Scott Weiss, CEO, Usable Products Company, talked about consumer research. He described focus groups, online surveys and usability testing.

Focus groups solicit opinions from a targeted audience through open ended questions. They…

  • Work best with ten people of less (by region) otherwise they become unmanageable.
  • Are NOT good for usability data
  • Are NOT for generating ideas, better for responding to them
  • Are best done by separating groups by age – as people don’t like sharing views across ages

Sofia Svanteson, Head of Research & Development, Ocean Observations described what goes into defining a device. There are seven categories…

  • Trends. Fashion.
  • User. Age, gender, demographics, early adopter, occupation, social status
  • Usage. Size, balance, weight. Users tend to be looking for usability/ruggedness OR Look and feel
  • Market. Geographic. Rugged.
  • Brand. Association with known brands (as opposed to network operators). Branding of UI in all applications.
  • Position. competitors, high end/low end.
  • Technology/features. Alarms, camera, software (calculator).

Geoff Kendall, CTO, Next Device described how the ‘right’ user interface is critical.

Currently, data content and device features are crammed under the same user interface. This leads to confusion, frustration and the user not being aware of what’s actually on the device. Performing tasks requires too many actions. Sometimes these actions are across many applications.

Lars Becker, Chief Operating Officer, Player X described the issues involved with content partnerships.

These issues include…

  • Geography. e.g. Video market is more local than games market.
  • Approach. Supermarket approach, champion approach
  • Target audience. What brands/content are important to them? (video, games or music)
  • What sub categories? e.g. casual games, retro games, gamers’ games (console titles)
  • How to go about? Direct with licensor? Through publishers and intermediaries
  • Licensing deals vary widely. Consider/compare minimum guarantees and upfront payments.
  • Marketing support
  • Can content be used across different categories (music, video)

Peter Baldwin, CEO, MSX, talked about MVNO differentiation.

Areas of Vertical Mobile Data Services…

  • Homepage personalisation
  • Entertainment
  • Social Networking
  • Advertising supported
  • Phonetop storefront
  • Integrated services

Doug McCullum, Managing Director, Olista talked about service adoption management.

There is currently a shortfall between users registered for data services and those using them. Many users try new services over time but give up because it doesn’t work. There’s a huge gap between customer awareness and subsequent ‘addiction’. An adoption stage is missing. Users’ problems go unnoticed. There are almost no calls to customer care. Problems are found too late

Notes Posted Live from MEX – More detailed report, including panel discussion, will be available after the event.



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