Posted Live from MEX

Chairman: Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
Keynote: Andrew Borovsky, Adobe

Expert opinions from:

Laurent Mauvais, Interaction Architect, UIQ Technologies
Francis Djabri, User Experience Manager, OMTP
Benoit Schillings, CTO, Trolltech
Goran Svennarp, Senior Marketing Director, Obigo

Andrew gave some demonstrations of Flash Lite showing implementations of low chrome (mainly just content) applications. Flash Lite allows users to customise aspects of the UI without forcing them to define everything.

Ken asked, "How do we know when a product is right?"

It’s when …

  • It’s self evident what it does
  • Has conspicuous value to the user
  • Has profound simplicity

There was discussion on…

  • Whether fitting several use-cases/modes into one device is solveable.
  • The possibility of end-user designed/customised UIs
  • The use of the phone as an application appliance (like a PC) rather than a service appliance
  • Is the phone limited by the (keyboard) method of input? What other methods are available?
  • Is current screen technology limiting things?

Notes posted live from MEX – More detailed report, including panel discussion, will be available after the event.

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