Posted Live from MEX

Chairman: Will Harris, CEO, The Bank

Keynote: Jim Souders, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations, Action Engine

Expert opinions from:

Sarah McVittie, CEO, Re5ult
Mark Slade, Managing Director, 4thscreen
John Doyle, Product Marketing Director, ChangingWorlds
Dean Bubley, Analyst, Disruptive Analysis

It’s hard to provide estimates for monetising future data advertising services. Advertising will only be successful if it can deliver a business model for providing content at a price users want – which is almost zero cost.

One challenge is that there are too many parties in the value chain (media brands, media agencies, aggregators, network operators).

Advantages of mobile over traditional advertising…

  • More captive than other media
  • Can be location based – more focused
  • Anytime, anywhere

Types of advertising include SMS, banner, video and paid search results.

The following make advertising more attractive to brands…

  • Ability to reach specific target audience
  • Information on response rates
  • Proof that the advert has been shown

From the consumer perspective…

  • People won’t pay for advertising
  • Must not be intrusive or degrade user experience
  • Two thirds of people would accept adverts if given associated quality content for free
  • Banners are preferred
  • Context sensitive adverts preferred
  • Use top and bottom of screen. Middle seen as intrusive.

Select partners based on…

  • Creative marketing campaigns made for mobile
  • User experience tailored to the phone
  • Context aware ad placements
  • Personalisation through learning engines
  • Real-time reporting of results

Notes posted live from MEX – More detailed report, including panel discussion, will be available after the event.

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