Design Competition Entry: A Radical New Architecture For Design And Fabrication of Handheld Devices

Sima’s technologies bring an entirely new dimension of touch input to handheld devices. SiMa’s advanced high resolution ‘multi-touch and multi-force’ (MT/MF) touch sensor, now empowers the user to navigate and activate from the bottom and/or top of the device. This intuitive input method provides the user a superior experience by:

– Allowing ‘all’ the user’s fingers to interact with the device, as opposed to thumbs only.
– Providing innovative text input methods and new mobile gaming interactions.
– Enabling all manners of application specific, or user defined, touch ‘gesture input’.

SiMa’s product architecture is like no other. By redefining the methods of design and assembly, coupled with an innovative touch interface, devices can now be tailored to both a specific user and social/cultural market needs as well. The market entry barriers associated with high capital investment and sophisticated engineering expertise in building mobile devices diminishes. Mobile device users and developers in emerging markets, currently reliant on awkwardly localized western devices, are now empowered to conceive, design, and manufacture appropriate devices for their respective markets. This will facilitate mobile ecosystems where the market participants directly benefit from their local supply chain and value-add services.


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