Design Competition Entry: Aces Royal mobile poker and casino games

Cecure Gaming creates technologically advanced, safe and legitimate casino games that are optimised for play on mobile phones. Our team are 100% mobile-focused, designing and developing games solely for the mobile.

Cecure gaming created the world’s first mobile, real money multiplayer poker game in January 2004. You can now play fixed limit and no limit Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Slots games safely and securely on your mobile phone.

Cecure Gaming’s software platform, AR3, is the fastest gaming platform in the world, according to executives from a major mobile phone manufacturer. In fact, Cecure Gaming’s multiplayer games are so fast, a player can make a bet in London, and the bet will appear on a phone in New Zealand faster than a Premiership footballer’s penalty kick could hit the back of the net.

Some of the features on our no limit Texas Hold’Em poker are;

– Six Players per Table. 6 Players keeps the action quick and fits everyone on screen at once.
– No Waiting. We take you right to your seat with live games 24/7.
– Range of Table Limits. Wide range of Fixed Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’Em games from play-money up to £1/£2 NL with £200 max buy-in.
– Hand History. Review what happened in any hand in your current session.
– No ‘Poker bots’- real players only.

As well as our achievements being noted by most major mobile phone manufacturers and service providers, Aces Royal have also received rave reviews from top publications such as Gambling Online Mag;

“The winner has to be Aces Royal … Pure enjoyment with no delays … Entire experience was flawless … It sets a seemingly impossible standard to surpass.”

And T3 Mag;

“A revelation in mobile gaming … Amazing graphics and jowl-wobbling speed … It’s Great … The graphics are streets ahead of anything else … Blistering stuff.”


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