Design Competition Entry: Couple-IT

Multimedia phones often require a high degree to compromise. From screen size to user experience, it is often impossible to do full justice to a multimedia phone’s capabilities.

Couple-IT is designed to overcome this. By linking two devices, both suitable for different mobile scenarios, over a network that dynamically synchronises content, so the user can be reassured that the right content is available on the right device.

For example a user would use the larger device (around the size of a paperback book) to surf the internet and book a hotel room. On arrival at the hotel, the details of the reservation would also be available on the smaller device.

The idea behind Couple-IT is to deliver to the user, the content and information he needs on the device most suitable to access and use that information. All controlled and managed by intelligent synchronisation by the network.

Click here for a high-res picture (JPG) of the Couple-IT.


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