Design Competition Entry: Motionized(TM) – using the phone’s camera to enable a new UI

Motionized(tm) has been designed from the ground up as an software only motion detection library, enabling full new UI implementations, freeing the user from the 40:1 ratio that exists between the mobile content he manipulates, and the screen real estate available to display such content.

By using the movement of the handset to enable users to browse menus, pan and zoom within images, navigate web pages or play games, the Motionized handset introduces a breakthrough in user experience.

On Motionized phones, any application can benefit from the new UI revolution:
– Navigating a full web page is no longer a hassle as the user can zoom out to view the full page and zoom back in to the required link with a simple gesture.
– Pedestrian users of Location Based Services can quickly and smoothly view points of interest in their area with a twist of the wrist.
– Documents received by email are no longer impossible to read; it’s just a matter of slightly tilting the phone.
– High resolution pictures that are too big to be viewed on the handset display are now easy to navigate within to see every detail.
– It’s the birth of a new era in gaming with the ability to integrate the reality seen through the camera lens and the motion of the handset for an exciting, interactive experience.


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