Design Competition Entry: Putty UI concept

The user:

Many touch screens require two hands to operate comfortably. Putty UI utilizes the 5-way navigation button that is seen on nearly all non-touch screen handsets, thus giving a seamless intuitive interaction requiring only one hand.

What it is:

Putty UI has 3 main components:

-A universal experience between applications
-Allows for maximum visual real estate on the screen
-Faster navigation of applications
-Ability to move data seamlessly between applications
-To be used in one hand
-Allows ‚ÄúMotor memory‚Ä? of an application, thus reducing the need to view the screen.

Passive putty:
-Using the putty as an ambient display to visualise data straight from content sources, such as stocks or weather data.

Gesture putty:
-Allows rapid access to applications via performing set gestures


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