Design Competition Entry: SlideIT write words not letters

SlideIt, is an intuitive method to input text on touch screen enabled devices. Instead of tapping each letter, with SlideIt users simply point to first letter of a word and slide the stylus to the subsequent letters. Spacing is achieved by just lifting the stylus. Speeds of more than 50 words per minute are easily achievable. Consumers love the feel of writing quickly and accurately.

SlideIt is the first technology to combine three features: sliding, prediction and graffiti. “By simultaneously applying those features,” explains Dr. Daniel Suraqui, Dasur’s Chief Executive Officer, who recently unveiled the new systems, “we have created a robust technology that is singularly more powerful than anything else in the market today. By vastly enhancing many familiar features and introducing new ones, we have exquisitely simplified touch screen use for busy, on-the-go consumers and are leading the way for the next generation text input solutions for PDAs and smartphones.”


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