Design Talk 11. UX trends past & future, a 10-10 discussion

Hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest examine user experience trends from 3 points on a timeline: 10 years past, the present and 10 years into the future. Alex discusses scenarios relating to his travels in Patagonia, trust, social networking and the sharing economy, while Marek focuses on cycling, quantified self and digital memories. The conversation goes on to look at how design approaches must evolve to cope with the growth in data, sensors and the role of digital in users’ lives.

On this edition

"It takes courage to implement a radically different interface which is generous in how little it taxes users’ time." -- Alex Guest, CEO, on Episode 11, MEX Design Talk podcast



About MEX Design Talk

The podcast for the MEX community, interviewing UX pioneers, exploring emerging technologies, user behaviour and how to design better digital experiences.


  • Jukedeck, for the artificial intelligence engine which provided the music


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