Design Talk 14. Crafting UX for digital healthcare

What does it take to create digital experiences which positively impact our health? How do user experience requirements change as digital evolves from a method for simply self-tracking health metrics to becomes a platform for diagnosing and even treating conditions. What are the requirements from different stakeholders, from end user patients to their casual networks of supporting friends and family, prescribing clinicians and the insurers and national health services which manage the costs. Hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest discuss examples, explore design principles and user research challenges.

On this edition

"Designers must anticipate the widely varying quality of sensor data to ensure a culture of trust around digital health experiences." -- Marek Pawlowski, founder, MEX Episode 14, MEX Design Talk podcast


"It’s not just about technology...we must think about how we modify the existing human systems to be more inclusive." -- Alex Guest, CEO, Episode 14, MEX Design Talk podcast

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The podcast for the MEX community, interviewing UX pioneers, exploring emerging technologies, user behaviour and how to design better digital experiences.


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