Design Talk 15. Automotive UX; Parrish Hanna, Global Director, Interaction & Ergonomics, Ford

Automotive is an industry in transition.  The challenge is two-fold: an immediate need to enhance digital elements of the vehicle experience, while contemplating the longer term – and arguably more significant – conceptual revolution in personal mobility enabled by pervasive computing.  Parrish Hanna, Global Director of Interaction & Ergonomics at Ford joins Design Talk hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest for a discussion which ranges from lessons learned in smartphone design and the intricacies of user testing to new ways of shaping automotive brand experience and design skills for the future.

On this edition

"Cars now have more code than a jet plane. The challenge is achieving a grounding level of simplicity & reduction in these complex systems." Parrish Hanna, Global Director, Interaction & Ergonomics, Ford -- Episode 15, MEX Design Talk podcast



What is the most important digital development which will change the way you get around – by car, public transport or any other form of personal mobility – by 2021?

Answers to Feel free to record your thoughts and send them as an audio clip – we’ll try to use them in a future episode.

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