Design Talk 16. The value of nurturing tangential inspiration

Many of us are now in the ideas business and, of course, those ideas have to come from somewhere. Sometimes they’re iterative and result from the day-to-day work we’re already doing. Sometimes they spin off from specific client projects. But what about those transformative, tangential ideas which seem to come out of nowhere and surprise us with their potency and unexpected ability to solve difficult digital experience challenges?  This episode is all about those random insights, where they come from, how valuable they can be and how you can invest in nurturing them.

On this edition

"Tangential inspiration needs strong, open-minded leadership and an organisation set-up to allow that leadership to appear in unexpected places." -- Alex Guest, CEO,, Episode 16, MEX Design Talk podcast


"How do you nurture those transformative, tangential ideas, which seem to come out of nowhere, but surprise us with their potency?" -- Marek Pawlowski, founder, MEX Episode 16, MEX Design Talk podcast

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