Design Talk 18. Microexpressions in user research; Aaron Garner, Director, Emotional Intelligence Academy

Design improves in proportion with how accurately users’ true feelings are understood.  However, are user experience practitioners doing enough to look outside their own field to evolve new research techniques?  We spoke with Aaron Garner of the Emotional Intelligence Academy about the methods he uses to understand microexpressions – fine nuances which are often more reflective of users’ real reaction to a product, before they are quickly hidden in the interests of social etiquette.  Aaron’s current work is in areas such as security and human resources, but a conversation with podcast hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest reveals valuable cross-industry lessons which could be applied to digital experience design.

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"Are we doing enough to measure users' true reactions, before social context modulates their response?" -- Aaron Garner, Director, Emotional Intelligence Academy, Episode 18, MEX Design Talk podcast


"Could artificial intelligence help us study user reactions without the cognitive bias of human testers?" -- Alex Guest, CEO,, Episode 18, MEX Design Talk podcast

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