Design Talk 21. Summary from the MEX/16 conference

MEX/16 brought together a diverse set of designers, strategists and digital pioneers to define new ideas and best practice for experience design.  The two day conference, hosted in London by Marek Pawlowski, Alex Guest and Patrizia Bertini, is recapped in this special edition of MEX Design Talk.  Building on 12 years of MEX events, the conference combined workshops, expert talks and tangential inspirations to push the boundaries of design practice.

In addition to the podcast, there is also a written summary of 5 insights from the event.

On this edition

"For the first time we're genuinely capable of creating digital experiences which engage users' emotions." -- Marek Pawlowski, founder, MEX, Episode 21, MEX Design Talk podcast


  • “Which piece of music do you associate with basil?” Answers to #mexbasil or


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The podcast for the MEX community, interviewing UX pioneers, exploring emerging technologies, user behaviour and how to design better digital experiences.


  • Jukedeck, for the artificial intelligence engine which provided the music

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